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  • A Guilt-Free Buying Decision - No Fat, No Sugar, No Calories, No Guilt!

  • No Returns Ever - No Wrong Sizes, No Broken Pieces, No Poor Quality!

  • Affordable & Fair Priced Products with exceptional quality!

  • Easy & Lightweight Product Delivery - No Refrigeration Required!

  • Risk Free Fundraising Program - Utilizing pre-sell order-taker methods!

  • Free Shipping (with qualified orders)

  • Free Delivery Bags For Offline Sellers

  • ATP Handles The Delivery For All Online Sales!

  • Offline Fall Order-Taker Fundraiser - Designed for groups with 25 to 2000 participants! Sign Up Now

  • Online Pre-Sell Fundraiser - Designed for individuals and groups of 2 or more! Sign Up Now

Fundraising CalendarThe ATP 12"x12" calendar grid is designed to be easily read from across the room. Fun National Holidays have been included for the fun of it!Best Wall Calendar Design Unique To ATP Successful Fundraising Campaigns
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"Wall calendars are extremely practical products for fundraising. Calendars, used by nearly everyone, need to be replaced on a yearly basis. They also make great gifts for under $20!"


ATP's Fundraising Program Offers Many Thoughtfully Designed Wall Calendars


  • Variety of Attractive Calendar Themes are sure to appeal to supporters of all ages; designed to encourage multiple purchases within the same household or office. Buy one for the kitchen, one each for the home and work offices, one for each of the kids, and buy some for the aunts, uncles & grandparents too. You can even buy some for your friends because calendars make great & affordable end-of-the-year gifts!              

  • Calendars come individually shrink-wrapped for protection, and inserted with a chip-board for easier handling. 

  • Printed on Recycled Paper with Eco-Friendly Inks!

  • Made In The USA!

Your Success Is In The Details Of Our High-Profit Risk-Free Offline Calendar Fundraising Program

  • Earn High Profits! Your offline earnings per calendar will be approximately $7 to $13, netting your organization approximately 50% - 65% profit! Each fundraising supporter can decide their purchase price, because some supporters may want to help by contributing more. Our pre-sell order forms give customers/supporters the choice to pay either $14, $16, $18, $20 or a choice for each calendar. The MSRP of each of our exclusive calendars is $17.99. The wholesale price (the price you pay ATP Fundraising) for each calendar is only $7!

  • The ATP Offline Fundraising Pre-Sell Program is a Fall Fundraiser! The most successful times to sell calendars is BEFORE your supporters (friends, family, co-workers & neighbors) purchase a retail calendar or before they've receive a free advertising one! Schedule your 2 to 3 week pre-sell campaign between Aug 15 - October 31 to achieve your maximum fundraising goal!

  • FREE Colorful Product Brochures for each seller!

  • FREE Delivery Bags for all sellers!

  • Low Minimum Order - only 100 Calendars!

  • FREE Shipping on orders of 500 calendars or more! Shipping on orders between 100 - 499 calendars is calculated at only 25 cents per calendar.

  • Guaranteed Late November/Early December Delivery!


Enroll Now In ATP's Offline or Online Fundraiser!

Selling our stunning calendars will be virtually effortless for your fundraising participants. Nearly everyone is still using a wall calendar and would appreciate supporting your cause at an affordable price with this highly utilized product!