Art, Calendars and Fundraising

OrchidOrchid    We love to take photographs that capture feelings, textures, nature's hidden beauty and light sparkling off of rain and dew drops on flowers.  We love people and want to bring them joy with our wall art.

   For years we've created art that has made us and many others smile. Recently we've decided to go one step further and combine our artwork with helping others to create profits for schools and other organizations. 

   As parents we have seen the myriad of fundraising products that our children, nieces, nephews and neighbor children have been asked to promote as fundraisers.  Many products were things we had no need or desire for, but we would buy anyway in order to help the children.  Magazines... we have enough of them and didn't want the automatic renewal that often happens with those subscriptions.  Cookie dough is perishable and high calorie and not on our healthy diets, albeit often tasty.

    We realized that even in this digital age we still purchase a yearly calendar (or two) as do millions of others. Combining our photographic art and that of other photographers we admire, with the non perishable, no calorie, non-breakable qualities of a calendar we could create a fundraising product that is practical, beautiful, easy to handle, lightweight, desirable and profitable for school and organizations fundraising.

With your group's best in mind,

Roxanne & Kathy

Artists & Co-Founders
About Time Publications


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