Changing the Wall Calendar Business

We at About Time Publications decided to change the wall calendar business - starting with the 4 additional months, which are now in the following year for your future planning needs, high quality eco-friendly calendars made right here in the US, and including a big chunk of the profits benefiting society. 
Take a look at the image below of the uniquely designed four 'future' months we have designed and added to all of our calendar.  Typical calendars, if they have extra months, usually include four months of the prior year, which have already passed by the time you start using your new year calendar.  We thought it was time to have four additional months after the end of present calendar year for future planning.  Makes sense and more practical!
The lines are the right hand are for notes for the future.  With our calendars you are able to write in both pen and pencil for your convenience. No curling pages, no flimsy paper, our calendars are made high quality yet eco-friendly materials.

Contact us if you are part of a group, or an individual, needing to raise some funds:
Future four month grids 16 month calendar features additional four months for future planning needs.
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