About Time Publications Wall Art & Stock Photos | 5 Easy Steps To Fundraising Success

5 Easy Steps To Offline & Online Fundraising Success

  1. Read About Time Publication's Best New High Profit Fundraiser page. As a starter, you will find an overview of our product and program there. Finish by checking out our Offline Profit Chart information and/or our Online Earnings Chart.

  2. View our Calendar Fundraising Gallery. As you do, you will probably be able to think of many people in your network of family & friends who may enjoy the various calendar themes that About Time Publications offer. Most everyone will appreciate the fact that our calendars are printed on recycled paper and made in the good ole USA! Our exclusive calendar line has been created to please many - which will help your organization profit to it's highest potential! ATP's fundraisers are designed to help public & private elementary, middle & high schools, as well as sports or cheer teams, booster clubs, PTO's and PTA's. Church groups and college groups are also encouraged to engage with ATP for any fundraising need.

  3. Call our friendly staff at 760-716-2457 if you have any remaining questions. Our hours are M-F 10am-7pm Pacific Time. You may call during other hours and leave a detailed message as to the best time for us to return your call.

  4. Introduce our company and product to your organization's committee for their review and approval. For the fastest route to committee approval, simply copy this link: About Time Publications Fundraising , and email it to each member. Now is a good time to bookmark our site!

  5. Signing up is easy! When you or your committee have decided that it's serious about achieving its fundraising goal, simply go:

  6. We also ask you to read ATP's Online-Terms-of-Service or ATP's-Offline-Terms-of-Service.

  7. Once we receive your agreement form, we'll take over to ensure that your fundraising drive is good-to-go!