• About Time Publications is known here as ATP.


  • Groups with 25 or more members, including schools, churches,

    boosters, clubs, etc., are known here as Groups.


  • An individual, or small group with 2 – 24 members, who can raise funds by holding

    an ATP Online Calendar fundraiser are known here as Individual(s).


1. Why are ATP Wall Calendars great for fundraising?

  • ATP Wall Calendars are easy to sell; even in this digital age most homes & businesses

    still use/display wall calendars.

  • Your supporters will appreciate an opportunity to support your mission with

    an affordably-priced Eco-friendly high-quality ATP Wall Calendar - all you have to do is ask!


  • ATP Wall Calendars are useful visual tools for tracking days, activities, holidays

    and moon phases.


  • ATP Wall Calendars are an affordable way to add beautiful new art to a room every month!


  • ATP Wall Calendars make great affordable gifts for friends, family members and clients.



2. Why are ATP Wall Calendars so much better than any other calendars for fundraising?

ATP puts an exceptional amount of care into the design and quality of its many Wall

Calendars, combined with its easy and highly profitable fundraising programs.  Whereas,

many other fundraising calendar companies only offer one style and don’t adhere to the

same high standards and details that ATP believes is necessary for your highest

fundraising success.



3. Are ATP calendars Eco-friendly?


  • All ATP Wall Calendars are proudly made in the USA and are printed on high-quality

    Eco-friendly recycled paper with soy-based inks and are Eco-friendly UV protected.



4. How are ATP Wall Calendars uniquely designed? 

  • ATP Exclusive Calendar Grid January 2020ATP Exclusive Calendar Grid January 2020 Like many retail calendar printing companies, ATP

    uses only high-quality professional photography

    and artwork.


  • What begins to set ATP Wall Calendars apart is a 

    uniquely styled monthly grid; the ATP Wall Calendar

    grid boasts extra-large daily numbers in a font that is

    stylish yet very easy to read from across a typical 20’

    room; comparatively, other calendars’ numbers are

    often quite small and nearly impossible to read from any distance.


  • ATP Wall Calendars have large easily readable numbers placed in the lower right corner 

    of each daily block to allow for ease of note-taking, beginning in the upper left corner.


  • ATP Wall Calendars are printed on a heavy weight paper stock which can be written on 

    in both pen and pencil.


  • ATP Wall Calendars are designed with four additional months at the end of the calendar year

    for future planning, rather than the typical 16-18 month calendars found on retail 

    which have the extra months included from the previous year… by the time the

    is purchased those months have already passed!


Succulents 2020 Calendar / Accepting Orders Now / Early December DeliverySucculents 2020 Calendar / Accepting Orders Now / Early December Delivery

5. What is the size of the ATP Wall Calendars?


  • ATP wall calendars measure approximately 12” x 12” closed

    and 12” x 24” when opened.



6. How are the ATP Wall Calendars packaged?  


  • ATP Wall Calendars are packaged with a chip board insert for support. 


  • ATP Wall Calendars are individually shrink-wrapped for protection until delivery.


  • ATP will provide bags participants to deliver their calendar orders to supporters.


7. Do fundraising groups have to supply photos and design the ATP Wall Calendars?

  • NO - ATP creates all the designs and supplies all the photos/art work for the

    ATP fundraising calendars.


  • ATP’s mission is to help make your fundraiser as profitable, as easy as possible

    and virtually risk free.


  • If you only have 1 calendar theme to sell, you can only sell 1 calendar to a household;

    ATP offers multiple themes to encourage multiple purchases!


  • If your calendar theme is restricted to "school activities" then you are limiting the 

    desirability of that calendar.



8. How many ATP calendar themes are available to sell?

  • ATP offers at least 4 to 8 calendar themes yearly, showcasing beautiful high-resolution

    full color images.

  • A variety of themes provides fundraisers with ample opportunities to sell more calendars

    and make higher profits.

  • Alternately, too many themes can confuse buyers which may result in lost sales.



9. What are the fundraising programs ATP offers?

  • ATP has 2 fundraising programs featuring the same ATP high-quality Wall Calendars:


       1.  ATP Order-Taker (offline) Fall Wall Calendar Fundraising Program 

             aka.: brochure or pre-sell.


       2.  ATP Online Wall Calendar Fundraising Program 

             aka.: pre-order or pre-sell.



10. Which ATP fundraising program can a Group or Individuals raise funds with? 

  • Groups of 25 or more can raise funds for a cause with both ATP’s Order-Taker and

    Online Fundraiser programs.

  • Individuals can raise funds for a cause with the ATP Online Calendar fundraising

    program only.



11. What is the profit per calendar that a Group or Individual earns? 

  •  Earn $8.00 per calendar sold from either ATP fundraising program.


  •  See the ATP Profit Chart here and how quickly fundraising goals can be met.


  •  ATP’s mission is to help fundraising groups achieve their goals fast & easy. 



12. How are sales (earnings) tracked in the ATP Online Fundraising program?

  • Every Group or Individual will be given a CODE to share to their supporters.


  • Your CODE gives supporters free shipping to one address with their calendar

    purchase. Code must be entered at check out.


  • Your supporters must use this CODE, so that ATP can track their purchases to the

    correct Group or Individual’s fundraiser when they check out.


13. What's the sales price of the calendars?

  • The price supporters pay for each calendar purchased Online is $24.99 plus any

    applicable sales tax.

    • ATP does order fulfillment for all calendars purchased online.


  • The price supporters pay for each calendar purchased on a form through

    the Order-Taker fundraising program is $20.00; it's a discounted price because your

    group is responsible for order fulfillment (delivery to the customer).

    • Group or Individual does the order fulfillment for all calendars purchased

      through the Order-Taker program.


  • The MSRP price printed on the calendars is $24.99.



14. How does the ATP Order-Taker (brochure) Wall Calendar Fall Fundraising Program work?

  • A Group of 25 or more members can sign up for the ATP Order-Taker Fall Calendar

    Fundraising program by filling out and signing the:

  • See the ATP Order-Taker Fall Fundraiser Program Deposit Chart here for reference.


  • Groups can mail the application and deposit to:

    • About Time Publications 

      2772 Roosevelt Street  #4614

      Carlsbad,  CA  92018


  • Or Groups can elect to email the application to:

  • The entire deposit will be credited to your order-taker calendar order.

  • Most successful fundraisers run for 2 – 3 weeks.

  • The best time for the ATP calendar fundraiser is between August 1 – October 31.

  • The end-date of all fundraisers must be by October 31.


  • ATP Order-Taker is a pre-sell fall fundraiser utilizing full color product brochures

    and order forms all supplied by ATP.

  • ATP provides each Group with FREE marketing supplies: a full color marketing poster

    for display, and beautiful color product brochures and delivery bags for each seller.

  • Participants/sellers will show potential supporters a brochure showcasing the

    beautiful calendar themes, take orders, and collect payments.


  • ATP’s Order-Taker Fall Fundraising Program calendars are sold at a discounted price

    of $20.00* each. ​​​​​

    • *If applicable, state sales tax is added to Group’s order based on

      $20.00 per calendar.         

    • *Does not apply to non-profits, as stated on application,

      with supporting documents.


  • At the end of the fundraiser the Group leader collects seller’s order forms and

    calendar payments and records all orders on the Group’s ATP Master Order Form

    (supplied by ATP) and sends to ATP with the Group’s calendar order payment to ATP.


  • The Group (leader) keeps $8.00 profit per calendar sold and pays ATP $12.00* per

    calendar ordered as stated on the ATP Master Order Form.

    • *Plus any applicable shipping fees or sales taxes, less deposit paid.


  • The Group’s Master Order Form with payment is due to ATP, via email & EFT/Billpay

    or via mail & check, at the end of Group’s fundraiser and no later than Nov. 5, 9pm EST. 


  • ATP ships the calendars ordered to Groups’ shipping address, as noted on the application,

    with arrival* before or by December 10*.

    • Delivery bags are provided free of charge by ATP.

    • *ATP is not responsible for inclement weather or common carrier mishaps,

      although the delivery of undamaged product is guaranteed.


  • ATP will notify the Group leader of ship date so Group can organize its fulfillment team.


  • This program also includes enrollment into the ATP Online Calendar Fundraiser*:

    • ATP Online Fundraiser Program

    • *Calendars, purchased through ATP’s Online Calendar Fundraiser, are sold

      at the 
      MSRP price of $24.99 plus applicable shipping and state sales tax.



  • This is a fundraiser: All Sales Are Final. 



15. What is the recommended length of an ATP Order-Taker (offline) calendar fundraiser?

  • Most successful fall calendar fundraisers run two to three weeks

    between August 1 – October 31. 



16. Who is responsible for the Group’s Order-Taker Fall Fundraiser?

  • The organizer of a group of 25 or more needs to fill out, sign and submit

    the application and deposit to ATP.


  • If your Group is a school or group associated with a school, the Principal or Office Manager

    of the school needs to be one of the signers.


  • Get started now by downloading, filling out, signing and sending this application:


  • Or email application to get started now:

  • Once your application is received by ATP, it will be reviewed and an ATP representative will

    sign and return it to the Group along with the CODE and web link, usually within a week.



17. When are payments and orders due to ATP for calendar fundraising sales?

  • Calendar order payments are due no later than November 5, 9:00 pm EST.

  • A completed Master Order Form (supplied by ATP)



18. Is there a minimum sales required for the Group’s Order-Taker Calendar fundraiser?

  • Yes, The minimum number of calendars to be sold by Groups of 25 – 100 sellers/participants,

    as stated on the Group’s application, 
    is 100 calendars.


  • The minimum number of calendars to be sold by Groups of 101 – 2000 sellers/participants,

    as stated on the Group’s application, 
    is equal to the number of participants/sellers.

    (Ex. 200 participants/sellers = minimum sales of 200 calendars.)



19. How does the ATP Online fundraising program work?

  • Sign up for the ATP Online Calendar Fundraising program by filling out this form:

  • Sign the application and mail to:

    • About Time Publications

      2772 Roosevelt Street  #4614

      Carlsbad, CA 92018




  • No deposit is required to run ATP’s Online Calendar Fundraising Program.


  • Once any size Group or a single Individual (who wishes to raise funds with minimal effort)

    signs up for the ATP Online 
    Fundraiser, an ATP representative will review & sign the application

    then issue a web-link & personalized CODE to the ATP online calendar store, usually within 1 week.


  • The participant/sellers share the online link & CODE with their supporters. 


  • ATP is responsible for fulfilling all online orders.


  • Calendars, purchased through ATP’s Online Calendar Fundraiser, are sold at the MSRP price of $24.99, plus applicable

    state sales tax and shipping fees.

    • Free shipping with CODE.

    • Sales tax will be charged, subject to current state sales tax laws.


  • Supporters must use the CODE to have their purchase tracked to your fundraiser.

  • Most successful fundraisers run for 2 – 3 weeks.

  • The best time to run an ATP calendar fundraiser is between August 1 - October 31.

  • The end-date of all fundraisers must be by October 31.


  • At the end of your ATP Online Fundraiser, as noted on your application form, ATP will

    tabulate your supporters’ online orders 
    and payout your earnings of $8.00 per calendar

     using your personalized CODE, within 2 weeks via EFT/Billpay.


  • ATP ships the calendars ordered through the online fundraiser to the supporters’ addresses

    as specified with their online orders.


    • *Arrival is scheduled before or by December 15.
    • *ATP is not responsible for inclement weather or common carrier mishaps,

      although the delivery of undamaged product is guaranteed.



  • All sales are final.



20. How does a Group or Individual sign up to run an ATP Online Fundraiser?

  • Fill out the application and get it signed by the person(s) responsible for the fundraiser. 


  • ATP will review the application and an ATP representative will sign return it to the Group

    along with the CODE and 
    web link within a week.


  • Sign up for the ATP Online Calendar Fundraising program by filling out this form:
     ATP Online Fundraiser Application.


21. Are minimum sales required for a Group or Individual’s Online ATP Calendar fundraiser?

  • There are no minimum number of calendar sales required with the Online fundraiser program.



22. When do the ATP calendars get shipped to the Online supporters and to the Order-Taker Groups?

  • ATP will ship out all calendars by early December. 

  • ATP will notify Order-Taker Group leader in advance of the ship date in December so Groups can organize their fulfillment teams.

  • Online purchases will be sent to the mailing address noted by the supporter when they check out in shopping cart.

  • Order-Taker orders will be sent to the Group’s address on the application.

  • Groups will receive shipment of their total Group order and separate by participants/sellers into ATP supplied bags and deliver ATP calendars to their supporters.


  • All sales are final.



23. Who pays shipping on Order-Taker orders and Online calendar purchases? 


  • Order-Taker fundraising orders of 500 calendars and above will receive FREE shipping.


  • Order-Taker fundraising orders of 499 or less calendars will be billed $0.25 per calendar. 

    (ex.: 100 calendars x .25 = $25)


  • Online supporters using the Group or Individual’s personalized CODE will receive

    FREE shipping to one address.


  • Supporters who wish to send calendars to separate addresses with the FREE shipping

    CODE will have to create a separate 
    order for each address. 



24. What is the deposit requirement of either of the ATP calendar fundraising programs?

  • A minimal deposit is required for the ATP Order-Taker Fall Fundraiser.


  • The amount of deposit correlates to the number of participant/sellers in Group

    as noted on the Application.


  • See here for reference: Deposit Chart


  • ATP supplies FREE full color high quality calendar sales brochures for every

    participant/seller in the Group. Brochures will be mailed to the 
    Group several

    weeks before the Kick-Off date. 


  • Color pre-sell Order Forms that each participant/seller needs to keep track of orders,

    & Master Order Form for consolidating 
    all order forms are supplied by ATP online as

    a downloadable pdf for printing.


  • NO deposit is required for the ATP Online Calendar fundraising program.  



25. What is the cancellation policy for either ATP calendar fundraising program?

  • A written cancellation notice from the Group by email (please write Cancellation in the subject line) is required sixty (60)

    days prior to the Group’s scheduled fundraiser Kick-Off date, to receive a refund of the Group’s deposit.


  • Please allow 30 days to receive the deposit refund.