Inspired By Our Love of Art & Helping Others

We are redefining our lives; we want to do our part in
making the world a better place.

Our desire is to leave a legacy of compassion, of purpose, and of
positively impacting the lives of others.

We are two artists who have joined together to
create something special.

We've been artists and entrepreneurs
for most of our lives.

We are mothers, and now grandmothers too.

After many years of supporting our local schools and
non-profit groups by purchasing whatever was
through the local fundraisers,
we endeavored to create a business
that improves the offering 
within that fundraising arena.


We strive to continually create an environment
rich with vibrancy & love with
a positive impact
humanity & the planet. 

About Time Publications is that business.

Using our professional photography & artwork skills,
we've created a line of high quality art and
eco-friendly wall calendars for
non-profit organizations to sell
through our fundraising programs.

Our utmost desire is to bring beautiful and inspiring
images into homes. businesses and offices though our
unique offering of wall art and yearly wall calendars
while benefiting schools and other causes
with our high profit fundraising programs.