Inspired By A Love of Art


A Desire to Help Others

Our desire is to leave a legacy of compassion, of purpose, and of positively impacting the lives of others.


We've designed our business to help make the world a better place through the use of art.


Art helps to bring joy and motivation into living and work environments.


In Addition...

After many years of supporting our local schools and non-profit groups by purchasing the various items offered through their fundraisers, we endeavored to create a product fundraising section of our business so as to improve the offerings within that fundraising arena whilst utilizing the art that we have been so blessed to create.

About Time Publications is that business.

Using our unique artwork, design skills and business acumen, we've created a line of high quality eco-friendly wall calendars which are made in America for non-profit organizations to sell through our no-risk high-profit online fundraising program.


We would be honored to help you achieve your goals whether you desire to improve your home's vibe, your work's atmosphere and productivity, or your school's or non-profit's fundraising objective.