ATP Online Calendar Fundraiser Frequently Asked Question’s   

  • The name ‘Group’ stands for the individual, school, organization or group doing the fundraiser.
  • ‘ATP’ stands for About Time Publications in conjunction with its Online Pre-Order Calendar Fundraising Program.
  • Get started by filling out the Online Fundraiser Enrollment Form.

Q.  What are the advantages of ATP's online fundraiser?

A.   Virtually no work for you! Once you sign up, by filling out this form, ATP will create a personalized website and provide a URL link for you to share with your members/friends/family and supporters. ATP does the rest: we collect & fulfill all the orders for you! Super easy and risk free for you! All sales are final.

Q.  What is so unique & special about ATP calendars?

A.   ATP calendars are different - they are better!

  • Made in the USA on sturdy Eco-friendly paper with soy based inks & UV protected, ATP calendars can be written on with pen or pencil (not all pens write upside down), and they will not curl!
  • Our 16 month calendars feature 4 additional months in the beginning of the following year (Jan, Feb, Mar & Apr) to allow for your future planning needs. Nearly all 16 month retail calendars currently on the market have the 4 additional months in the previous year (Sept, Oct, Nov & Dec), rendering them useless.
  • Our monthly grids are uniquely & artistically designed with subtle, yet large, numbers which are easily readable from across a typical room!
  • We've placed our daily numbers in the lower right corner of the grid boxes to provide the consumer with a more note-friendly environment.
  • Also included are moon phases, national holidays and, as a bonus, many special 'fun' national days to enjoy! 
  • The photography & art works chosen for the calendars are professional & stunning, making our calendars a wonderful art piece for any room!

Q.  What is so unique & special with ATP Online Calendar Fundraising?

A.   ATP offers your group the opportunity to sell multiple, high-quality & beautiful calendars, with minimal effort and risk-free! Here are some of the ways ATP Calendar Fundraisers are better:

  • save your time - YOU don't have to design
  • multiple calendar themes = more opportunities to satisfy consumers
  • multiple calendars = more calendars sold

Q.  What are the sizes of the calendars?

A.   ATP Calendars are approximately 12” x 24” opened and approximately 12" x 12" when closed.

Q.  How many calendars are offered for sale ?

A.   ATP currently has 8 themes for sale with plans to add more when feasible!

  • Virtually ALL other calendar fundraising companies/printers only offer 1 theme for your group to sell - and you have to come up with the photos! The cost to produce that 1 calendar is often quite high!
  • If your group only has 1 calendar theme to sell, then a supporter will probably only buy 1 calendar.
    • Your group will have to either earn less profit or will have to charge your supporter a higher price for the calendar.
    • Seller's will have to approach many more people (work harder) in order to sell as many calendars as you can with ATP! 
  • ATP Calendar themes are designed to hang in kitchens, playrooms, bedrooms, home & corporate offices, garages.
  • ATP Calendar themes are great for moms & dads, kids of all ages, grandparents, aunts & uncles, friends, schools and businesses!
  • Calendars are perfect for end-of-the-year holiday gift-giving; they are beautiful, useful, appreciated and affordable!

Q.  What profit is possible with the ATP Online Calendar Fundraising Program?

A.  Earn a whopping $7 per calendar sold online!

  • The MSRP printed on each ATP calendar is $17.99, and that is the online price for each beautiful calendar.
  • The average price for retail calendars (non ATP calendars) is $14.99 to $19.99. Many are flimsy, made outside the USA, have small daily numbers and the additional 4 months are in the previous year!
  • Calendar purchases in retail outlets only benefit the store - not YOUR Group!
  • ATP has an online and downloadable earnings chart showing the potential earnings for you or your group. See the ATP online earnings chart here.

Q.  Who pays for shipping with the ATP Online Calendar Fundraising Program?

A.   FREE SHIPPING is offered on online sales of 2 or more calendars shipped to one address!

  • Free shipping on orders over $35 (2 calendars = $35.98 + tax where applicable) with coupon code: FREECALSHIP2018
  • Supporters will pay a flat rate of $3.99 to ship orders of 1 calendar or for larger orders without a coupon code.
  • Shipments to multiple addresses will require separate orders.

Q.  Who uses a calendar and why is this a great product for fundraising?

A.   Even in this digital age, most people still use and appreciate a printed wall calendar.

  • Calendars make excellent educational tools for young children - teaching them about months, weeks, days & more!
  • Calendars are often seen hanging on office walls - they are pretty and useful.
  • Calendars that hang in kitchens help family members keep track of each other's activities.
  • People love to give and receive calendars as gifts - especially when they are high quality, have beautiful images and their purchase helps others.

Q.  When is the best time to run an ATP Online Calendar Fundraiser Pre-Order Campaign?

A.   All online campaigns need to end by October 31.

  • Sell your calendars before people have purchased their next one.
    • Most people regularly buy calendars in November and December, so it is best to ask your supporters to buy a calendar to support your cause online during August, September & October... before it's too late!
  • Sell before anyone has received a "free" calendar from a business!
    • A few businesses are known to give away free calendars to their customers... but those calendars are generally smaller, flimsy and they have ads placed on the bottom to be visible year round.
    • ATP calendars never have ads to detract from their appeal!
  • Groups will want to plan their ATP fundraising campaign and share their URL link as early as possible for the best potential for a successful fundraising event.
    • Schedule enough time to advertise it within your community prior to your actual fundraising sales campaign and you will see your sales soar!

Q.  What is the recommended length of time to run an ATP Online Calendar Pre-Order Fundraiser?

A.   The most successful fundraisers run for a two to three week period and this is what ATP recommends.

Q.  What is the online price of the calendars?


A.   The online price for the calendars is $17.99 plus tax and shipping. Supporters can pre-order (purchase) their calendars, through your link, anytime throughout the year until October 31.

Q.  How and when does our group get paid?

A.   Once purchases been made and your fundraiser is over, ATP will payout your earnings in two weeks via PayPal or by check if requested.

Q.  When do the calendar orders get shipped to the customer?

A.   All online orders will be shipped directly to customers, with an early December delivery. All sales are final.

Q. I think our Group is ready to sign up, what's the next step?

A.  ATP recommends meeting with your Group fundraising committee and sharing our website and materials with them. Here's an online enrollment form to download/print for you or your Group's fundraising committee to fill out.