How To Select Wall Art For Your Home & Office

January 31, 2019

You may be asking yourself, "with so many choices of art to select from on About Time Publications, how do I choose the right pieces of art for my room?"

Great question! Easy answer!

10 Easy Steps to Selecting Appropriate Art Work For Your Walls 

1. Start your selection process by planning to decorate 1 room at a time, and write that room name down. (Creating a list will help you stay on track with your decisions.)

2. Think of the end result - what feeling or experience do you want to have while in that room? For example: relaxing, peaceful, creative, energizing, tropical, romantic, playful, spa-like, educational, etc. Write your answers down for that 1 particular room.

3. What are the colors that are in the room already or that you plan to add to the room? Add those colors to the list. (If you need help deciding on colors - do a google search on "the effects of colors on _______" (examples: mood/humans/learning/personality/etc.)

4. Either take and print a picture of that room (to refer to) or take your computer into "that" room as you browse through the galleries on our website.

5. When you see an image that fits your criteria, 'favorite' it by clicking on the white heart that appears when you run your cursor over the image (upper left corner of each image).

  • Once clicked, the heart will turn to red. You will be asked to "create an account". Enter an email address that you will remember along with a password you will easily remember. This account will allow you to access your "favorites" in the upper left corner of ATP's website.  

6. After you have browsed through ATP's galleries (here), go to your favorites gallery and make your selections from there. You may even "share" your favorites with "the photographer" (that's us) or a friend of yours. If you would like some help placing your order, please include a detailed note when you share your gallery with us.

7. When you select an image to buy, our website will give you many options of products... follow the prompts, follow your heart and PLAY with the options! You can even SEE what different frames look like around your selected art pieces - before you buy! 

8. Please reach out to us if you need help. Include the best times to connect with you, via phone if desired. 

9. When you order canvases, acrylics, or framed prints from ATP, your art will arrive - ready to hang!

10. Hang your art and ENJOY.

See samples of wall art & rooms below: