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Profit Chart For ATP Offline Calendar Fundraiser

How much profit can your organization earn

by holding ATP's offline order-taker brochure calendar fundraiser?


  • How much money do you need to raise?  What are you raising money for?  It needs to be something meaningful and tangible in order to motivate participants to sell to many supporters. You may also want to create acknowledge motivated participants with rewards even if they sold just one calendar!  Every little bit gets you all closer to your fundraising goal!

  • How many students/members will be participating (actively selling) in your fundraising program? National statistics show that an average of 50% of the members of a non-profit organization (such as a school) will sell an average of 5 products each when participating in an off-line pre-sell/order-taker brochure fundraiser.

  • The MSRP for the high quality ATP calendars is $19.95.

  • Set your financial goals. Your fundraising proceeds, when your group sells 100-1000 calendars, is $7.00 each calendar!  Your proceeds per calendar can be even higher when your group sells over 1000 calendars.  Click here to see and download printable chart.  (A good rule of thumb is to multiply your fundraising $$$ goal x 2 and encourage your participants to sell 2x's the amount of product to reach that goal. You may even exceed your goal!) 

  • Please keep in mind, ATP has a 100 calendar minimum purchase for small groups and a 1 calendar per participant in groups of 100 or more. We print and ship to you FREE full color sales brochures for each participant.  In addition, ATP charges a minimal ($0.25 each calendar) shipping fee on a purchase of less than 100 calendars. FREE shipping on orders of 100 or more calendars!




Minimum order for groups with 100 participants or less is 100 calendars.

Minimum order for groups of 100 or more members is 1 calendar per member.

(Example: for an organization with 360 members, the minimum calendar order is 360.)

Shipping is $0.25 per calendar for orders under 100 calendars.

FREE SHIPPING on all orders over 100 calendars!

You pay ATP a flat rate of $12.95* per calendar ordered,

plus any applicable sales taxes or shipping costs. 

*Flat rate amount will be reduced for orders over 1000 calendars as per chart.

If your organization is a non-profit 501c3 please provide your information and number to

ATP to negate paying sales tax.